The Chartered Institute of Human Resource Management, Nigeria

HR Short/ In-House Training Course

Human Resources is the core functional part of every organisation, as it ensures that all employees are both happy and protected. These training courses will help you to maintain effective employee and employer relationships by hy helping you to support and motivate employees. Each course is aimed at a different role within the HR department, ensuring employees have the correct skills to carry out their roles effectively.

An effective HR department is able to quickly solve any problems which arise with employees, ensuring a productive and effective business environment which benefits all parties, and helping the business maintain compliance with HR laws.

a. Chartered Human Resources Consultant
b. Fellow Membership of the Chartered Institute of Human Resources Management Certificate

Chartered Human Resource Consultant (Ch.HRC)

Duration: 3 Days

Training Objectives
-Learn how to identify Training needs for your organisation.

– Gain an understanding of Human Resources.

– Learn the Importance of Training and Development.

– Learn how to Analyse Feedback and Results.

Available delivery methods for this course
a. Classroom Training
b. Corporate In-House Training

Course Outline
Chartered Human Resources Consultant certification covers a wide range of topics. Upon completion, delegates will be equipped with all the knowledge required to secure a Certificate in HR Management Consultant

Human Resources Overview
Definition of Human Resources
Objectives of Human Resources
The Role of Human Resources in a Business Context
Structure of the HR Department
Challenges faced by an HR Department
Collaborating with other HR Team Members

What is Training & Development?
The Importance of Training and Development
The Difference between Training and Development
Training and Development Objectives
Training and Development Best Practice
Training Requirements
Providing a Pro-active Training and Development Division

Identifying Training & Development Requirements
Identifying Skill Gaps
Decision Making
Decide who Requires Training
Decide the Best Type of Training
Decide the Best Training Delivery Method
Undertaking Training Needs Analysis

Providing Training & Development
Arranging Training
Delivering Training
Managing Relationships with External Training Providers
Providing Professional Advice, Coaching, and Guidance

Training Analysis
Gap Analysis Research – Identifying Areas of Training Needs
Analysis of Existing Approaches
Identifying New Training Approaches
Delivery Methods
Advising on Training
Stakeholder Relationships

Reporting on Training
Analysis of Feedback and Results
Reporting on the Success/Failures of Training
Revising Training Policies
Presenting Progress and Plans

Other Responsibilities
Talent Management
Budget Management
Supporting the HR Team

General Administration
Personnel Support
Planning, Coordinating, and Scheduling Training
Maintaining Online Folders & Schedules
Booking Meetings
Joining Instructions

Date 24th and 25th June 2020

Price N300,000

Why CIHRM HR Training
a. Opportunities to earn a world class certifications:
i. Doctoral Fellow Membership and
ii. Chartered Human Resources Consultant certifications with this short Trainings

b. Includes manuals and recognized HR certificates

c. The best and low cost price in the industry

d. Small class sizes for optimum delegate-trainer interaction

e. Courses delivered by season professionals with best practices faculties

Who Should Attend This HR Short Course?
This course is tailored mainly to those working as Human Resources Professionals with not less than 10 years work experience in HR Best Practices or 15 to 20 years work experience in general administration.

Delegates should be a Senior Managers, Directors, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Senior Lecturers, HR Consultants with graduate certificates or its equivalents professional certificates with vast understanding and work experience in Human Resources.

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