The Chartered Institute of Human Resource Management, Nigeria

Professional Code of Conduct 

The professional code of conduct outlines the professional standards to be aspired to by all members  and also  applies to all members irrespective of  membership level,  and governs the conduct of the individual member, not the nature of their profession.

Breaches of our Professional Code of Conduct
If you know, or become aware of any breach of  this professional code of conduct you should notify us immediately. Any alleged breach of the code will be investigated and may lead to the suspension and/or cancellation of membership. If you have been convicted of a criminal offence you should provide us with a Standard Disclosure Certificate or similar notice within 3 months of conviction. Not all convictions will be of relevance to us so each case will be considered individually.

Professional integrity
As a member I will:
• adhere to the terms and conditions of  membership
• promote and subscribe to the charitable objectives of the Institute
• develop my professional knowledge, understanding and skills on a continuing basis
• seek constructive feedback on my own performance and those I manage
• respect the customs of others with respect of equality, diversity and inclusion
• inspire and challenge other members to develop their professional administrator and / or administrative
management and / or business leadership skills and progress their careers
• be aware of and comply with any relevant legislation and regulations that impact on my profession
• build and maintain relationships with other members.

In the interests of the Institute I will:
• uphold the reputation and brand image by not taking any action that would bring the organization into disrepute
• encourage others to join who may meet membership entry requirements
• share knowledge and expertise with members and others at relevant networking and/or training events
• add to the body of knowledge and research in Human Resources, Business Administration and Management, Personnel Management, Learning and Development, Industrial Relations, Business Consulting and Management by participating in relevant activities and research
• act with integrity in professional working relationships with members and others
• safeguard any personal, corporate or other confidential data in any communications
• provide feedback following attendance at any events
• aim to participate in any review and/or consultation on products and services
• aim to participate in any membership surveys or polls
• treat staff with courtesy
• notify staff if contact details and/or  personal circumstances change
• notify staff if I am convicted of a criminal offence or upon becoming bankrupt or disqualified as a company owner or director; and assist with any requests made to investigate any possible breaches of the code.

We reserve the right to amend and update the Professional Code of Conduct at any time. Any update to the code will be communicated to members and will be published on our website