The Chartered Institute of Human Resource Management, Nigeria

On behalf of the Governing Council, staff, and board of trustees of The Chartered Institute of Human Resource Management (CIHRM) I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the noble Institute. You have reached a milestone in your life, and we are proud to count you among the growing number of Certified HR Professionals.

The Chartered Institute of Human Resource Management (CIHRM) is a Nigerian fast growing HR Association. As a non-profit organization, the Institute is dedicated to enhancing HR managerial skills and professional development.

Since its inception, the Institute has helped thousands of HR professionals to develop a broadly based education in HR skills with a rich and diversified series of programs from individual courses to professional designation.

The Institute’s programs are available through educational and training institutions in Nigeria. The programs are also available in a variety of forms and structures:

– Nationally accredited study programs offered through training centers
– International recognition from foreign Universities
– Contact practicing HR professionals
– Local branch activities and services including workshops and seminars
– Self-study programs for maximum flexibility

The Institute is committed to leadership in promoting human resources management professionalism, efficiency, effectiveness and excellence in individuals and organizations.

Professional Designations:
In addition to the fellowship, and social and professional networking opportunities the Institute offers learning programs leading to professional designations and certificates.

Presently, thousands of individuals from business, government, and a wide variety of industries are enhancing their careers by meeting the professional requirements to attain the CIHRM professional designations:

– Certified Personnel Manager (CPM)® for lower-level HRM Personnel.
– Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP)® is for middle-level HR professionals. It goes beyond certification and provides members with an HR benchmark of professionalism and ethical behaviour in organizations.
– Chartered Human Resources Consultant (Ch. HRC)® is for senior and practicing HR professionals. The designation provides validation to outstanding adherence to the theory and practice of ethical HRM and the ongoing development of new methods in the HR management arts and sciences.

The Institute also has the following registered trademark certification solely for her members as follows:

– Chartered HR Business Partner (Ch.HRBP)®

– Chartered HR Business Analytics Specialist (Ch.HRAS)®

– Chartered Global HR  Analyst (Ch.HREM)®

– Chartered HR Ethics Manager (Ch.HREM)®

– Chartered Manager (Ch.Mgr)®


What can CIHRM do for you?

Build career excellence with transferable knowledge, skills, and competencies
Provide a human resources management-specific education and designation
Participation in social activities and networking opportunities
Increase your employment potential with enhanced HR management skills
Opportunities for life-long learning and several other benefits

Today marks the commencement of a new chapter in the Institute, but the journey never ends. Wherever this journey takes you, you will always be a member of the Chartered Institute of Human Resource Management.

Our best wishes are with you today and into the future.

Best regards,

Dr. Olufemi Samuel Omoyele, FCIHRM
Pioneer President