The Chartered Institute of Human Resource Management, Nigeria

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CHRP® (Certified Human Resources Professional)

The Certified Human Resources Practitioner (CHRP®) is the entry level designation. It is also the best known HR designation globally and provided from HRMI. Human Resources professionals at entry level may be entering the workforce, acting in roles that are mostly administrative in nature, such as a contributing role in a larger HR function, or a sole HR practitioner in a small HR function. Individuals in this level would have responsibilities such as supporting HR initiatives, executing tasks passed down from management, and operating at the tactical and transactional levels. They often have titles such as Human Resources Assistant, Staffing Coordinator, Human Resources Specialist, or Human Resources Coordinator.
The CHRP® validates your knowledge of HR, your workplace readiness and your commitment to career-long learning and ethical practice. Completion of the CHRP® requirements confers the right to use the title Certified Human Resources Professional and the right to use the initials CHRP® after your name.


Requirements for the CHRP designation are:

Hold an Academic degree,
Successful completion of the coursework requirement,
Agree to abide by the Code of Ethics established by the HRMI, and
Successful completion of the CHRP Exam

Requirements for maintaining the CHRP designation are:

Maintain continuous membership with CIHRM that is in good standing
Meet the ongoing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirement
Abide by the CIHRM’s Constitution and CIHRM’s Code of Ethics.

Certification Preparation Course

The program would be conducted in the English Language by one of CIHRM-Registered Educational Centers.
The has the qualifications necessary to offer this course. The course is delivered by certified CIHRM® instructors and has been carefully designed to achieve its goal.

CHRP® Body of Knowledge

– Basic Concepts of HR Management
– Recruitment and Placement
– Compensation and Benefits
– Employee and Labor Relations
– Health, Safety & Security

Award of Certification

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be conferred the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP®) by CIHRM®

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