The Chartered Institute of Human Resource Management, Nigeria

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This program provides comprehensive training in human resource management and equips the participants with appropriate knowledge, skills and techniques to perform human resource functions and responsibilities in organization.
This programme covers all “body of knowledge in HRM” it’s a recognized standard set by industry professionals and consultants working in the human resources profession. It is designed to answer the question, “What should a Human Resources Manager know and be able to apply to be considered a competent HRM?”
This PGD HRM program is designed to provide an advance level knowledge, for management of human resources in an organization. It offers good blend of theories, practices and case studies in the management of human resources to meet the growing demand for competent HR Professionals. The program has been endorsed by HRMI Global HR Leaders and past graduates have attained successful careers in the industry.


Applicants must meet specific educational and work experience criteria at the time they submit their application, in order to be eligible to sit for the PGD-HRM exam. These requirements are outlined below:
• Hold a Bachelor degree or higher and
• Agree to abide by the Code of Ethics established by the HRMI
Any applicants with lesser qualifications than the above will be reviewed by the HRMCI Certification Board to determine the eligibility for the program.


Then PGD-HRM program is designed to provide in-depth skill and knowledge for those assigned to manage compensation functions in the organization. The program serves as an excellent platform through which participants will gain industry recognition and enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of Compensation & Benefits Managers at the workplace.
• Performance Management
• Managing Learning & Development Function
• Training Process & Theories 16 hours
• Approaches & Techniques to Training Need Analysis
• Learning Design & Development
• Training Delivery & Evaluation
• Monitoring Learning Effectiveness & Measuring ROI


Upon successful completion of the PGD-HRM exam, participants will be accorded recognition as “PGD-HRM” by HRMCI.

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