The Chartered Institute of Human Resource Management, Nigeria

Application Form For Membership Upgrade

Application Form For Membership Upgrade

If your career has significantly advanced and you have gained substantially more experience or you have added to your qualifications since you were awarded your current membership grade, (Minimum of 3 years) you may be eligible for an upgrade.

Notes on the completion of this form:
1. Complete the application form and return it together with the (non-refundable) upgrade fee of N10,000.

Please read the form thoroughly prior to completing it.

2. Your application will be assessed in the light of the additional career details given on this form together with the details from the time of your last membership award.

3. Please complete the applicable sections as comprehensively as possible.

4. Payment of your usual subscription renewal should not be delayed
pending the result of this upgrade application.

Current annual membership fees must be paid in order to apply for an upgrade in membership status.

5. Send completed application form and non-refundable upgrade fee of N10,000, together with a CV, copies of certificates to the Chartered Institute of Human Resource Management at the above address.

– Associate to Full Member N50,000
– Full Member to Fellow N80,000
– Fellow to Doctoral Fellow N125,000

Kindly fill with the correct information


Maximum file size: 516MB

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