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On behalf of the Governing Council, staff and board of trustees of The Chartered Institute of Human Resource Management (CIHRM) I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you onto the noble Institute. You have reached a milestone in your life, and we are proud to count you among the growing number of Certified HR Professionals.
The Chartered Institute of Human Resource Management (CIHRM) is a Nigerian fast growing HR Association. As a non-profit organization, the Institute is dedicated to enhancing HR managerial skills and professional development.
Since its inception, the Institute has helped thousands of HR professionals to develop a broadly based education in HR skills with a rich and diversified series of programs from individual courses to professional designation.
The Institute’s programs are available through educational and training institutions in Nigeria. The programs are also available in a variety of forms and structures:

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Welcome to the Chartered Institute of Human Resource Management (CIHRM), under the Chartered-Ship House Bill No. 319, 2019 in partnership with the HRM Professionals and Certification Institute.

A brand name synonymous with building the HR brand and culture. Chartered Institute of Human Resource Management (CIHRM) is a registered professional in the Nigeria building the HR and Human Capital Development culture.

The aim of (CIHRM) is increase her membership base worldwide through global partnership and affiliations with Universities, Colleges and other Professional Institutes in different countries.

There is more to HR than meets the eye. People have construed HR as an administrative function that hires and fires employees only, but it isn’t. The industry has evolved from the era of being merely one of personnel management to one of human capital management.

The Institute is been promoted by seasoned HR professionals, University lecturers, HR specialists, High ranking HR Official of various esteemed organizations.

It is also important to redefine the HR function as a strategic partnership with other key players within a business, and one that helps to maximize the return on investment from the organization’s human capital and minimize financial risk.

Distance learning

Get ahead with Our Post Graduate Diploma Course

CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT is organizing a 5weeks Self-paced professional program leading to 3 Professional Certification.

Benefits and Certifications
i. Associate membership certificate of CIHRM.
ii. Post-Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management
iii. You will become a Certified Personnel Management (CHPM)

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Get ahead with Our Post Graduate Diploma Course
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